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Martin Wilson reflects on the first year of the Talent Hub

The Talent Hub © David Lindsay

When an audition isn’t an audition.

From the videos, we chose 21 people we would like to know more about and meet.

For many reasons it would be impossible to meet all who applied.

The next stage was to come and take part in a workshop in the north East or in Yorkshire. Labels such as ‘audition’ or ‘interview’ were not used. The Talent Hub works two ways: the person wanting to join needed to be suitable for what we could offer. Our offer needed to be suitable for the person.

Again we asked ourselves, What are we trying to achieve? We wanted to create the best environment to enable people to be themselves, to share with us more about who they were as a person and dancer. And we wanted to share with them who we were and what we were offering.

So we thought about all the component parts of the activity. From the location to the space, the timings, the structure, and so on.

Easy read documents were created to explain the process which included photo maps of how to get from the train station and the bus station – the best route for avoiding the traffic noises – photos of the reception area – photos of the people you’d meet – videos of the warm up and technique exercises – outlines of the tasks and games. The preparation was endless and vital. It was beyond how we had previously prepared for such activities. It was challenging us to do more, think better, remove assumptions and strip away any perceivable barrier.

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Martin Wilson
January 2019