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Martin Wilson reflects on the first year of the Talent Hub

Access cards

The blank piece of paper.

As we planned the recruitment workshops, we considered how we would empower the people attending to help us create the best environment.

We used a system already in place across TIN Arts called access cards. This is not the same as asking about accessibility in terms of physical access or addressing physical impairments.

This is about understanding better broader aspects about a person and how their disability impacts upon their engagement in activity.

The cards offer a series of prompts to help people share what works best for them.

Prompts include:

  • To help me understand…
  • To help me learn…
  • To help me concentrate…
  • If I am feeling nervous or worried I might…

The cards also include examples of possible responses.

For example, under the prompt ‘To help me learn…’ possible responses might be; by using pictures, by watching somebody else and copying them, by somebody describing to me what I need to do, by physically feeling somebody going the movement with me.

The purpose is to help people to take control of the environment and feel they can be open about their needs. There is no judgement. It has no bearing on how they will be assessed in the workshop.

The Access Cards help everyone to communicate and move together better hopefully making the experience as positive as possible.

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Martin Wilson
January 2019