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Martin Wilson reflects on the first year of the Talent Hub

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I can’t tell you but I can show you.

The process of making an application also had to be thought through carefully.

Again, we asked people with a learning disability or autism what they felt would be a good process. Asking the experts. Those with lived experience.

And the conversations were about conventional ways of applying for roles or opportunities not working. Forms. Questions. Second guessing what someone else is looking for. Placing barriers. Causing anxiety from the outset.

We stepped back to what the purpose of the process was. The answer? To give people the opportunity to show us their talent. Wherever they lived in the Regions. Whatever dance style they were passionate about. Whether they danced regularly in a group or danced in their bedroom.

So the process became a simple one – send us a video of you dancing. On your own. With others. With music. Without music. Filmed by a friend. Recorded on a phone.

Just share with us your talent.

Each of the 42 applicants submitted a short video of themselves dancing in whatever style they wanted to. And as someone who feels fortunate to have seen all 42 videos it was wonderful. A series of people sharing their passion. Their love for dance and to dance.

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Martin Wilson
January 2019